The application Our very first 367 steps is one of the few existing interactive applications and stands out as one of the most comprehensive baby books ever created since it leaves barely any questions unanswered. The application is written by an adoptee, who is also the author of the first baby book for adopted children Our very first 1095 steps. Her purpose for writing the book was to give them the commemorative album that she had always wanted as a child.

"A good friend of mine saw this comprehensive book and asked me why I didn’t write a similar baby book for non-adopted children. Shortly after that, she surprised me with the wonderful announcement that she would be becoming a mother. She simply sent me her pregnancy test results by text message. She was confident that she would give birth to a boy but I was convinced that the family would gain a little princess. I was right and was awarded the honorary title of her godmother. I was watching Tija’s steps as she grew bigger every day. The application, based on my baby book for adopted children, was being developed at the same time. Witnessing these joyful events, which greatly inspired the work on my original application, I came up with the idea of an interactive application for non-adopted children. And so we’ve almost completed our first 365 steps together, but there are still a few left. This has resulted in the creation of the application Our very first 367 steps, which I dedicate to my goddaughter Tija.”

The moment when parents hear their baby's heartbeat for the first time and see it on the little black-and-white ultrasound screen represents a milestone for any parent, especially the mother. That image certainly stands out as the first photo in any baby book and it makes every mother very proud.

A lot of time passes between the moment you first saw your baby on the black-and-white screen and the moment you held him/her in your arms for the first time. The application Our very first 367 steps captures these moments. It accompanies the mother during preparations for childbirth in hospital and makes sure that the new family’s beginnings are remembered forever. We also haven’t forgotten the first congratulations, good wishes, visits and compliments paid to the new family member.

The application captures the first 367 days of your baby’s life but the story begins much sooner. There is hardly an event that remains unrecorded: how mommy and daddy met, when they found out about the good news, how the pregnancy went, what the journey to the hospital was like and how the joyful occasion took place. Then there is also the journey home again, the first winter, birthday, the first steps and many more things. The application even captures your child’s first days of kindergarten and school.

I followed the development of the book Our very first 1095 steps from the very beginning. In May of 2012 the author Katarina Tomšič delighted me with the news that the eagerly awaited project is completed and handed me the book.
The book can be described with one word "perfection." I was fascinated by the book, its contents and Katarina’s ideas. I really didn’t anticipate such an extensive product.  Exceeding all my expectations, I held in my hands not only a memorial book but at the same time also a life book.

When Katarina first told me about her concept of a memorial album for adopted children, I liked the idea immediately. I believe that devoting it to adopted child was a very noble act. No questions were left unanswered because she truly made an effort in highlighting all important issues for adopted children. She was able to do so due to her personal experience of being adopted.  The book was also intended for crucial persons in the story of a child's life, the adoptive parents. An important part of it is however also dedicated to biological parents.

While reviewing the book page by page I wished that such a personal and comprehensive album would also exist for non-adoptive children. I was witnessing how much of herself she was putting in this project and I expressed my desire to her as soon as she started to write the  book Our very first steps in 1095. When I got pregnant, that desire became even greater because I really wanted to have such a personal and precious gift, on which Katarina truly left her personal touch. It stands out as a priceless memory for both parents and children.

It is true that a wide variety of baby books and albums at childbirth already exist, but this comprehensive book exceeds them all with such detailed questions and memories created. I was just starting to accept the fact that the wish of having Katarina’s baby book for my child won’t be coming true when she surprised me with an application that I could use myself with my 10-month-old daughter. The application Our very first 367 steps is based on Katarina’s book. I am very proud that my daughter was the main inspiration behind this amazing project and I’m grateful to Katarina for making my wish come true. Such memories are really special and precious for both the child and the parents, especially if they are written by your best friend. Thank you for dedicating this application to Tija, your goddaughter.

Špela Kržič, friend

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