About a year ago, I was professionally involved in the adoption process of a little boy, who came to Slovenia from abroad. We were all eagerly expecting his arrival, searching for the best temporary accommodation and hoping he’d be able to handle the move and all the changes well. We continued with the search for his parents – the best, of course! And we found them. It was an adoption I will never forget because the boy completely captivated us all, even the senior colleagues with years of experiences. The tremendous impact he had on us resulted in significant improvements in all further adoption proceedings, which are primarily focused on the child’s wellbeing.

I was immensely impressed with the gesture of the Spanish foster parent with whom the child lived for the first six months of his life. During that time, she had created an album with photos and notes of the boy’s first months and later sent to the Slovenian adoptive parents. The parents were extremely grateful for it. I am sure, however, these memories will be of even greater importance for the boy, teenager and in the end grown man.

I therefore welcome the special edition of this book about the earliest childhood memories for adopted children. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the children and parents for all the pleasant moments we shared together. I can guarantee that the authorities are doing their best to make adoptions friendlier for parents and most importantly our young ones.

Ana Vodičar, M.Sc.

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