Dear co-authors of the new book Our very first 1095 steps! I, too, was adopted and am very honored to contribute to the book’s introduction. I greatly admire Katarina for her courageous step of allowing herself to dream about and then also accomplish her goal. With it, she nobly tackled the delicate subject of adoption and presented us with the long awaited and well deserved baby book.

Baby books didn’t exist during my adoption, so I didn’t really miss it. I perceived them to be too "mainstream” even when they had already become popular. Looking back now, as I am successfully getting older and contemplating my own offspring, I am starting to see the bigger picture. I realize it may seem funny, but I gave a copy of the book to my mother with a wish to fill it in as much as possible. If not physically, then at least in her mind. Positive memories are the ones that matter for me. For both of us. For my family, friends and all those I allow close to me.

I am asking all future adoptive parents to start filling in the baby book with their adopted children as soon as possible. That way, they will be able to preserve the earliest authentic and unique memories. Don’t worry if your child is too young to understand the word adoption. He will someday. Don’t try to hide it and keep a positive attitude about it. You set an example of tolerance for your child in the future.

And keep in mind that with every completed chapter the label "adopter-adoptee” will fade away. Dear parents and children, stay kind and warmhearted!

Maja Pleterski, adult adoptee

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