The baby book for all adopted children and their parents in an adorable way points out the importance of planning and preparations before the arrival of a new family member. It emphasizes the significance of monitoring the child’s development and bonding with him/her. 

The baby book radiates with the author’s spirit and her personal experience of adoption. She prepared it with great precision and care in order to create room for the adopted child in the adoptive parents’ hearts as well as their lives. In addition to that, the chapters are thoughtfully intertwined with information about the child’s biological family and its characteristics. They emphasize the importance of this information in a very subtle manner and enable the child to have a healthy personality without constantly having to search for the missing part within him/her. As a keen supporter of children’s rights, the author hasn’t forgotten the importance of a child’s involvement. It primarily shows through the stories and photos of his/her parents and later on also with his/her own contribution. 

Therefore, I would like to express my compliments to Katarina, the author. She has designed a creative basis for a gradual – step by step – formation of a story about family that allows the child to actively participate and be able to create a realistic insight into his/her life story later on. 
I shall conclude with the thought of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who compares steps with pebbles and states it is up to us if we "turn everyday steps into a beautiful mosaic or just a pile of stones”. I believe it’s safe to assume that the book will help build wonderful family mosaics, which will serve as great support and a source of pride.

Martina Jenkole, 
Project manager for project Advocate – a child's voice,
Human Rights Ombudswoman of the Republic of Slovenia

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