Our very first 1095 steps is a wonderful memory book that describes important moments in the life of an adopted child with great tenderness. This book is a precious gift – for each individual adopted child as well as for the adoptive parents. It represents a collection of the memorabilia of the most important era of a person’s life that will help realize the importance of memories that should never fade. 
I do believe the child will gladly return to the memory book even later in his/her life, as an adult, realizing that the experiences described in the book defined his/her life.

Thanks to her own experience as an adopted child, Katarina has managed to emphasize the most important, crucial events of childhood for creating an identity, such as one’s roots and the search for them. She emphasized the need of a child to meet his/her parents as well as the country he/she comes from. It’s normal for a person to desire to find their roots. Katarina also stresses this on the basis of her own experience.

Thank you Katarina for sharing your experience with us. I am especially grateful on behalf of the children who will be adopted in the future and will find this book extremely helpful when realizing that adoption is something beautiful and a part of their lives.

Svetlana Sovilj, B.Sc. Psychology graduate, senior advisor,
Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs, Montenegro

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