I was hesitant for a moment when Katarina asked me to write a review of her baby book. What could I write to future adoptive parents and their adopted children? What does this book release mean to me and what will it bring to you? Then I realized that the questions this book raises have already crossed the mind of every adoptee. They were perhaps left unanswered. And now I’m writing these words.

I can still recall the moment when I saw a baby book for the first time on one of the bookstore shelves. I was completely dazzled by it. But what could my parents fill it with? How did the pregnancy go? And post the first baby belly photo? Would they simply erase the questions that had no answers and replace the word "born” with "came”? We are all authors of our own unique stories, and I’m sure your stories can be told more easily with the help of this book. Every adoptee wants to know who he/she is and that is why all the questions he/she might have are very important. Even more importantly, none of them should be left unanswered. Dear adoptive parents, please don’t be afraid of the chapter about biological parents of your children. I am sure you mean everything to your children and secrets would only drive you apart instead of bringing you together. May the book bring you a lot of joy and become something to cherish, laugh about and also cry over, something to be proud of.

I hope this book helps you create lots and lots of wonderful stories that in time turn into beautiful memories.

Tamara A., adult adoptee

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